YouTube Analytics With KI Social

KI Social will help you understand the performance of your brand’s YouTube channel.

Go beyond views and ratings with KI Social YouTube Analytics.

Answer detailed questions about your channel’s subscriber growth and level of engagement. Dig into the most effective videos and the impact they’ve had on your account and your audience.

Analyze the audience, content, and engagement trends of any YouTube Channel, allowing you to understand your competitive position, relative performance, and market share compared to your competitors.

Go beyond simply updating your profiles. Get in-depth reports on how well your posts perform and more.

Monitor keywords

Track any topic that interests you on YouTube

Keep an eye on conversions surrounding a particular keyword or a hashtag. KI Social will both monitor YouTube for occurrences of the keyword and deliver the reports that include influencers, geography and demographics. The multitude of configuration options gives you complete control of how searches are conducted and how matches are determined.

Handle every YouTube event: comments, likes, questions. KI Social tools allow you to quickly and easily identify and filter out specific events that are of interest to you.

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