Improving Marketing Strategies In 2020

For Improving Marketing Strategies In 2020 you need to know where to start

The key to a successful marketing plan is updated strategies so here’s few tips on improving marketing strategies in 2020. Developing a future-proof and digital-forward marketing strategy is to keep upcoming trends at its very core.

Today, social media is a main changing factor in marketing. Thus, social media has suffered from trust issues in the last few years, due to two major issues: data privacy and disinformation.
If your brand faced a similar issue, your 2020 marketing strategy should tackle it, and center on rebuilding brand trust.
If your brand didn’t go through a data privacy issue, that certainly doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be focusing on data privacy either.
Tread the line between data privacy and hyper-personalization very carefully.

As Mariano Bosaz, Vice President of Digital Transformation at The Coca-Cola Company puts it: brands need to be relevant to a generation that doesn’t see a line between «the online world and the offline, the reality and the augmented reality.»
Indeed, augmented reality and virtual reality are set to take 2020 by storm. On one hand, AR (augmented reality) will be integral technologies to boosting traditional retail experiences and engaging customers on-ground. On the other hand, VR (virtual reality) will be essential for boosting these experiences online. Definitely, VR and AR are technologies to consider investing in- in ways that are relevant to your brand and industry.

E-engagement and reach

Building an engaged online community is only the first step and -arguably- the hardest one. Brands need to leverage that hard work by pushing their communities to create content for them. 90% of purchasing decisions are led by user-generated content . Consumers are more likely to trust a regular person that they can relate to more than the brand itself or a celebrity endorsing the brand. It therefore comes as no surprise that UGC generates 6.9 times the engagement that brand-created content does.

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