Tips about theme

On every page, you will add or add it already (you will see the navigation and footer bar which allows you to choose whether or not to add it to your page)

In front page, you should make sure that homepage is chosen in settings (static -> Homepage:)

In blog page, you should make sure that blog is chosen in settings (static -> posts page:)

In all pages you should make sure that the template you choose was called with same page

e.g. in front page the template name, must called “Home Page

blog page: must called “blog page”

Terms and condition: must called “Rules Page

if you’ll add new page, and not related to any page, just choose “default template


In every post that contains video should add video URL here, just the link, no need to add “featured image” it will take it automatically from the video thumbnail, but of course you can add another one

In every post should contains featured image, to see it in all posts

if you don’t added featured image or featured video, the post, won’t displayed in main page

if you add category in homepage don’t contains posts, will see this

if you add category in homepage that contains posts but the posts don’t has featured image, will see this