The complete social media measurement guide

Obviously, you’re using social media. Who isn’t? But… are you measuring results? Without social media measurement, how will you know if your campaigns are working? Whether you’re meeting business objectives – engagement, revenue, ROI? I’m going to show you how to measure your social media marketing campaigns.

What will social media marketing do for my business?

Social media has become one of the most significant tools that you as a digital marketer can use. A tool that’ll help your brand reach millions of consumers worldwide. If you’re not using this profitable channel, you’re missing out on a free tool.

Building a relationship with your audience increases customer satisfaction and reduces churn. Don’t bombard consumers with hard-sell product promotions. Understand that they’re connecting with your brand on social media to communicate with you.

Compare these to visitors who landed on your site directly, arrived via a search engine, or a paid ad campaign. With a bounce rate that’s lower than other sources, you can prove you’re targeting the right audience on social. The traffic you’re earning is valuable to your business.

It’s crucial that you measure conversions to find out where your best leads are coming from.

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