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Improving Marketing Strategies In 2020

For Improving Marketing Strategies In 2020 you need to know where to start The key to a successful marketing plan is updated strategies so here’s few tips on improving marketing strategies in 20

Digital Marketing: What, Why and How.

Digital marketing can be a bit overwhelming at first. So many parts of it and so many things to take care of – SEO, social media, content, emailing… the list goes on. What tools should you

Social Media Marketing Using Big Data

Big Data’s link to social media marketing Social media marketing has reached a new level with the emergence of big data. Social media has become an integral part of people’s daily routine as t


What is Insights and why is Facebook Insights important? Facebook Insights are given to you through Insights by KI Social. Insights is a business tool that gives you information about your followers a

Social Media Analytics

Get to know a brand’s customers based on what they write on social media so you can serve them better. That’s why the latest KI SOCIAL for Social Media analytics capabilities are here to m

How To Track Social Mentions

Your guide to making social work for you If you’re an SMB, or work in a small team, chances are you don’t have the resources or time to find and use your social mentions. But, tracking social ment