How To Track Social Mentions

Your guide to making social work for you

If you’re an SMB, or work in a small team, chances are you don’t have the resources or time to find and use your social mentions. But, tracking social mentions and exploiting them is possible. And, with a comprehensive KI Social strategy in place, it’s easy. Let me show you…

In addition, 62% of adults in the US get their news from social media. Ignoring this will mean you’re losing out on a major, quick win.

Track Social Mentions

Definition of a social mention

Definition of social mention – when a brand is referenced or mentioned online. It can happen on social media, blogs, review sites, forums. Mentions are a great way to help businesses monitor the perception and visibility of their brand.

As a result of this, here’s what makes up a social mention:

  • Reach: The number of people who are exposed to your search term or brand, or the number of eyeballs you’ve potentially grabbed.
  • Sentiment: A sentiment indicator looks at the overall attitude or tonality of the posts wherein your keyword has been mentioned. In other words, the ratio of the positive posts to the negative posts.
  • Engagement: Here we’re talking about interactions with your posts – in the form of likes, comments, and shares.

Why are Social Mentions important?

Social mentions- especially for fast-growing companies – can serve as a versatile tool that helps you not only connect with your audience on social media but also aid your team in many other ways.

  • What else does your target audience talk on social media? Is it related to you?
  • What do they do in their free time?
  • What interests them the most?

These are the questions you’re going to get answered on social media.

The trick is to identify people who engage with your keyword or hashtags on social media, follow them and find out what interests them. In the long-term, this is going to give you ideas on who to target, how to identify new audiences and sometimes, even geographical areas you can expand to!

By understanding what your audience values, you can brainstorm ideas for your next big marketing campaign.

That’s why anything that your brand does (and I really do mean anything), whether good or bad, should find its way onto social media. That makes social media a make or break platform for your brand image – in other words, social CRM is the most powerful CRM platform that you have at your disposal. While monitoring every complaint may sound like a tedious chore, the investment really pays off.

How to track social mentions?

There is no one size fits all. But I’ll show you the metrics matter the most…

Engagement – This is the best indicator of how well a post resonated with your community.

Clicks per post- It’s the best way to understand which type of posts are working to bring people back to your page and which aren’t.

Share of voice – This is a purely quantitative metric and compares your social presence with that of your main competitors.

Growth – in order to stay in business, it’s vital that you keep growing your audience.

Sentiment – Sentiment is a helpful indicator of how your brand is perceived on social media and is vital for fast-growing businesses.

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