What is Insights and why is Facebook Insights important?

Facebook Insights are given to you through Insights by KI Social. Insights is a business tool that gives you information about your followers and the content they’re most interested in. Using Insights can help you get to know your audience better so you can create content that advances your business goals.

In addition, using Insights KI Social will help you to see who your followers are, when they’re online and how they interact with your photos and videos.

That’s why you should use this information to reach your audience and accomplish your business goals.  

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What are Facebook Insights based on?

In this article, we will explain more about your followers’ information when it comes to Activity, Content, and Audience. This analysis and insights will help yoou understand better your followers’ demographics and behaviours.


Activity – Learn what actions people take on your profile. Learn how many people have seen your content.  

Apply It: Use interaction and discovery metrics to inform your posting schedule.  

If you reach more people on Tuesdays, your followers might be more active on that day. If you post images and videos related to your business goals on Tuesdays, you can increase opportunities for followers to see your content and take an action or engage with your business. 


Content – Learn how your posts, stories and promotions are performing.  

Apply It: Use content metrics to see which posting formats work best for your followers. If you see that your Instagram stories are driving more impressions than your posts or promoted posts (ads) on certain days, it may be worth posting more stories on your Instagram business account on those days. 


Audience – Learn about the types of followers your business profile attracts.
First, you can learn about things like top locations, age range and gender of your followers. Second, You’ll be able to learn what hours your followers are typically on Instagram as well as which days of the week they’re most active on Instagram. 

Apply It: Use Audience metrics to craft content that caters to your followers. 

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