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Get to know a brand’s customers based on what they write on social media so you can serve them better. That’s why the latest KI SOCIAL for Social Media analytics capabilities are here to make it easier for you.
Let’s take a look.

As your focus decreases, your bias decreases in favour of creativity. And as you know, it’s necessary to make your social media analysis focused. Without doing so, the analysis would include non-sense content. But that means it’s also easy to become too biased in our analysis. Conversation clusters, a KI SOCIAL for Social Media capability, allows you to have all the focus with none of the bias.
How? It looks at the data set you’ve created during configuration and then it presents the content grouped by distinct conversations.

Sentiment Customization

We all make mistakes. In the past, KI SOCIAL for Social Media analytics, with its perfection, has made one or two itself. There have been times when it wasn’t quite understood what an author on social media meant. So, in some cases our tool classified sentiments as positive or negative -vice versa, when it shouldn’t have been.
Thanks to a customization capability, this problem is much less likely to happen now. You can direct KI Social Media analytics tools to ignore words or phrases when looking for social sentiment indicators.

Russian and Chinese

There are millions of people around the globe who speak Russian and Chinese, and they’ll be thrilled to know that our tools understand them. Yes, we now have a Russian and Chinese language option for people configuring projects in KI SOCIAL for Social Media.

KI SOCIAL for Social Media capabilities: Something for everyone

If you aren’t a KI SOCIAL user, now’s the perfect time for you to get started.
If you’re already using KI SOCIAL for Social Media analytics, you’ll notice the new languages, sentiment customization and conversation clusters visualization right away.

Thank you for reading. We hope you’re as excited about these social Media analytics capabilities as we are.

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