Types of social metrics for marketers

The social funnel can be segmented into four key customer journey stages:

Each stage has its own group of social metrics.

In this article, we will consider the first stage: Awareness metrics.

These numbers illuminate your current and potential audience. 

Awareness metrics include:

1. Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness is the attention your brand gets—across all social media—during a reporting period, or a specific span of time that yields statistically relevant data.

Attention can be expressed through a variety of social media metrics, including @mentions, shares, links, and impressions.

2. Audience Growth Rate

Audience Growth Rate measures the speed at which your brand’s following increases on social media. It’s how quickly you gain followers.

The question you should be asking is not, “How many net new followers did we get last month?” Instead, ask, “How fast did we gain last month’s net new followers—and was it faster than our competition?”

3. Post Reach

Post Reach notes how many people have seen a post since it went live.

This metric is actionable since it’s affected by the timing (i.e., when is your audience online?) and the content (i.e., what does your audience find valuable?) of your post.

4. Potential Reach

Potential Reach measures the number of people who could, realistically, see a post during a reporting period.

In other words, if one of your followers shared your post with her network, approximately 2% to 5% of her followers would factor into the post’s potential reach.

5. Social Share of Voice (SSoV)

Social Share of Voice measures how many people are mentioning your brand on social media compared to your competitors.

SSoV is, essentially, competitive analysis: how visible—and, therefore, relevant—is your brand in the market?

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