KI developers

KI loves developers. We are delighted and amazed at the tools and services this community creates by harnessing the power of the KI development platform. As part of our commitment to this community, we aim to provide open and fair access for developers and to benefit the KI platform as a whole.
Developer policy is a guide to help users understand our rules and expectations regarding the proper use of API and KI content. This development policy (“policy”) is part of your contract with KI; It provides rules and guidelines for developers who interact with KI applications, services, website, web pages, and content, this policy governs access to and use of the KI API and KI content. Violations of the policy are considered violations of your agreement. This policy may be changed from time to time without prior notice.

Basic rules

1. Compliance:
You are responsible for complying with all of KI’s policies. It is important that you review and understand this policy before accessing the KI API and KI Partner content. Time spent reviewing our policies can save you hours of rework on the go.

2. Privacy in design is essential:
Protecting and defending the privacy of people at KI is part of the core DNA of our business. As such, we prohibit the use of KI data in a way that is inconsistent with people’s reasonable expectations of privacy. By relying on the KI API or accessing KI content, you have a special role to play in safeguarding this commitment, especially by respecting people’s privacy and offering them transparency and control over how data is used.

3. Follow the guidelines for using the platform:
Obtaining permission to access the KI API and KI content is only the first step. For your questions about how to ensure compliance with the policy for the intended use of the KI platform, check our platform usage guidelines. We’ve provided much more detail about the meaning of each of these three key sections below. Please review them carefully to ensure that your use of the KI API and KI content is in accordance with our policies.

If we believe that you are violating this policy (or any other KI policy), we may permanently suspend or revoke your access to the KI API and KI content. If this happens to you, do not request or register additional API keys. Instead, contact us through the support forum.

Finally, please note that KI may monitor your use of the KI API to improve KI applications, review any commercial use, and ensure compliance with your approved use case and this policy.