Improve your online presence with KI Social

Building an online presence starts by working on your content, reputation, image and connection with your customers. In order to maintain the presence already created, you need to analyze your audience as well as your platform.

Here we will show you how KI can easily do it with you.

Connect better with your audience using KI Social

Sentiment and emotion analysis:

• It may seem impossible, but KI Social is able to pick up all the negative or positive responses to your brand.
• You should pay attention to potential inaccuracies in customer sentiment analysis as it may not show you the full picture of how your brand is being viewed.


• KI Social filters all the negative reviews so you don’t get distracted from more important tasks. Thus you need to understand when it is truly worth listening to the consumers. Sometimes negative sentiments can influence you to switch gears on certain products, and it can also influence you to make poor decisions regarding your business.


• KI can filter out all of the spam when robots or other people post about your brand for their own promotion.
• Spam reviews don’t have any positive impact on your company as they’re not coming from actual users. This can waste a lot of time for companies that are trying to use real customer data to influence their marketing.

KI Social’s traditional uses to grow your online presence

Influencer identification:

• KI Social tools help you identify, recruit, and communicate with social influencers. An influencer with 100 000 active followers can help you expand your reach very quickly.

Platform Analytics:

• You can measure and evaluate your impact on each of the social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
• KI can help you identify successful practices, target demographics, and analyze real-time consumer practices. Therefore, it will help your social media, marketing and communications teams with their campaigns and strategies.

Online Reputation Management:

• KI helps you know what people think of your product or solution. It allows you to monitor users’ online reviews and promote positive experiences through online review platforms.
• As a result, the report you’ll receive will help your company to keep track of important social mentions and customer complaints. That’s how you will be able to keep your brand’s reputation in a positive light.

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