How to measure social media engagement

Knowing how to measure social media engagement, and the different types of engagement don’t have to be hard. Many tools exist to do the math for you. It should be a priority for everyone, regardless of industry or clientele. Why? Because it’s a direct reflection of the value your audience gets out of your content.

What is social media engagement?

Engagement includes the total number of likes, comments, and shares. On some platforms just pausing on the post, not scrolling away from it counts as engagement. It even includes reporting an ad as offensive itself defines engagement as the total number of actions people take on your social media posts.

Active engagement requires more effort, so you can consider it to be more valuable. Active engagements are comments, retweets with comments, sharing in a private message with a note. Any action that requires thoughtfulness and consideration on social media is an active engagement.

Engagement is a real thing: A good post can truly engage with you. It’s not a question of did you or didn’t you like the post, though it also measures that. It measures if you engaged with the post, even just by stopping on it for a moment. Engagement is a real-life metric and you should be measuring it.

People want to see themselves reflected in brand content. Give them what they want by showing off their own work, making them the star

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