Marketers are increasingly turning to big data analytics to increase their competitive edge. Social media data can be interrogated to uncover various trends in consumer behavior. Through in-depth analysis of massive amounts of publicly available social media data, we can provide insights into key questions such as:

  • Consumer buying behaviors:
    • When in the week do people buy? When in the week do people consume?
    • When in the day do people buy? When in the day do people consume?
    • Where do consumers prefer to buy? (Store, dispensary, or online? Black market?)
  • Which are the most popular strains?
  • What type of product do consumers prefer?
  • Where are consumers located? What is their age and gender? Have these demographics changed since legalization?
  • What do consumers think about various cannabis brands? In particular, what sentiments or emotions do they express in response to these brands? Which brands have gone viral?
  • What are the variances in behaviour and in demographics between medical and recreational users?

Cannabis research platforms powered by social media analytics can catalyse a marketing agency’s process of assessing and analysing consumer needs, and purchasing and consumption patterns.


Data is analysed in real-time, as it is created.Filtering work needs to be done to eliminate spam. This requires data science expertise.
Trillions of posts are analysed.Learning curve for working with this new method.
No need to conduct focus groups, interviews, or surveys, or to select participants. 
Unlimited number of opinions. 
Data is anonymous or protected by an alias. 
Leveraging AI means an automated process with little human labour involved. 

KI Social, our AI-based social media monitoring tool, allows tracking and granular analysis of data from social media posts, including:

  • Geo-location (Our geographic mapping capability has been designed by a geo specialist, and meets security agency requirements)
  • Language (KI Social allows users to select the language as a filter and conduct analyses using data in over 150 foreign languages and obtain insightful results in any of those languages)
  • Sentiment (KI Social automatically detects sentiment in 26 languages)
  • Emotion (available in English)
  • Demographic information (age and gender, for example)

Cannabis marketers can also use data analytics to:

  1. Uncover questions being asked by the public which impact producers
  2. Keep track of trends and topics amongst consumers, competitors, and the wider community
  3.  Analyse both consumer research and public opinion
  4. Measure the success of a campaign
  5. Track customer satisfaction

Interested in learning more? For a copy of our White Paper, “Social Media Analytics for Cannabis Marketing Agencies: How AI and Big Data Can Change the Game,” email

KI Design offers its clients:

  • A fully managed, full-service solution to capture and provide timely summaries of social media content and trending topics/hashtags/keywords occurring in publicly available social media platforms.
  • A searching and monitoring tool that can interrogate and analyse social and news media data from a single console. Users have unlimited access to create and define queries. KI Design will create dashboards and visualization-rich reports specific to your particular requirements.
  • Research services: KI Social researchers analyze social media data to conduct detailed quantitative and qualitative research to assess how audiences relate to given topics, using advanced social listening and audience intelligence tools and data extraction techniques.
  • Data Science services: Full-service query writing and analytics, in addition to data provisioning. KI Design will help you define the problem, discern which queries are practicable, and write queries to access the data you need.

KI Design supports all clients in developing and implementing data privacy and legal compliance practices to help you to create a framework for ethical social media monitoring.