Ethno-Specific Media Monitoring and Analysis


KI Design has full access to all media content from authoritative global sources. Our media sources include international, national, regional, and local media coverage, in English and French, and other languages as required. Our wide range of news outlets includes paywall, trade, online, print, and broadcast publications, including major daily newspapers, regional newspapers, weekly and community newspapers and specialized magazines, as well as radio, television, Internet, and international media sources as required. The news feed is delivered continuously. 

As well, we offer access to any ethno-specific, publicly-available online website, news source, or forum requested by a client. The quality of the sources is pre-analyzed within our KI Data platform. The tool allows for two-way translations between multiple languages to English and French. 

KI Data offers users the ability to monitor media sources in multiple languages, using multi-lingual queries, and provide data analysis reports translated into English and French. 

Our KI Data platform is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout the year.  


KI Data allows the user to analyze news content and report on location and frequency of media coverage. News content is analyzed in the following ways: 

  • Location 
  • News media type (TV/radio/print) and source 
  • Author 
  • Topics 
  • Sentiment, emotions, and share of voice 
  • Reach and impact 


KI Design provides standard or custom, machine or human-generated media analysis reports as per the client’s required frequency and formats. Reports can be scheduled daily, weekly, or whenever the client prefers. Our reports include:  

  • Name of publication, radio or television station 
  • Publication or air date 
  • Page number or air time 
  • Headline 
  • Language of origin 
  • A summary of the content 

Reports can be delivered through the web as a live report with visuals and content embedded, or downloadable using common formats. 


KI Data can provide real-time or scheduled alerts based on triggers or metrics. Users can configure alerts that are based on real-time data matching certain criteria, as well as setting a daily alert schedule. Alerts can be delivered as notifications inside the platform, or be emailed to desktop or mobile devices. 


KI Data allows users to set up and save multiple topics containing an extensive number of search terms to monitor content. Users can manage and modify their own search terms; simple or advanced Boolean logic may be used if desired.