Digital Marketing: What, Why and How.

Digital marketing can be a bit overwhelming at first. So many parts of it and so many things to take care of – SEO, social media, content, emailing… the list goes on. What tools should you use to make your life easier? Check out our curated list of digital marketing tools to fit all budgets.

Most brands are unaware of what digital marketing really is – or if they are, the number of components it involves merely overwhelms them and as a result, they either decide to deprioritize it or work with a very basic version of it.

Digital marketing is the marketing you do on an electronic device or using the internet. It consists of using websites, e-mail, search engines, and social media to advertise and communicate with an audience.

Why you should invest in digital marketing tools

And digest we must, since there are over 560 million internet users in India – this is the most effective medium to reach your audience.

Moreover, your digital marketing efforts online can be easily traceable. The same cannot be said of your offline marketing efforts. Who saw which billboard and called to inquire about your product? Which TV advert brought in your last enterprise customer? You’d never really know – you can have reasonable estimations but would you be 100% confident? I don’t think so.

But with digital marketing, all of that is black and white. You’d be able to find out who saw which ad, who saw what blog post and became prospects and ultimately clients. That’s one of its biggest advantages – you can actually make sense of it and your efforts.

Social media marketing tools

Let’s look at one of the pillars of digital marketing – social media. In fact, social media is such a huge part of digital marketing that more often than not, people use the terms social media and digital marketing interchangeably.

Want a tool to tell you what to post on social media and track your social mentions? If you want real-time social insights of your brand, receive alerts in case you have a sudden surge in mentions, monitor your competitors’ social channels and posts or even find the best influencers for your brand,  KI Social is one of the best marketing tools for you

SEO marketing tools

Search engine optimization, better known as SEO is the foundation on which all websites are built. The higher you rank, the more visibility your brand gets. Think of it as a huge billboard for you – the higher the rank of your webpages, the more prominent your billboard is and the greater the number of eyeballs you grab. Google is the internet’s repository and SEO is dictated by Google’s algorithms.

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