Consumer intelligence guide and tools

Why are consumers buying your competitor’s product and not yours? Buyers, spoilt for choice, are more demanding and less loyal. It’s your job to win and keep customers. Do this by capturing consumer insights quickly and comprehensively. How? Consumer intelligence tools. Find out what buyers want and how they want it.

Listening to the voice of the customer, engaging with their comments, capturing insights… social media is your hunting ground. 

Consumers are well informed. They check out review sites. Investigate the true value of products. They ignore brand-speak and hard-sell techniques.

If they’re unhappy with your brand, they’ll tell you. Usually on social media. Announcing to the world, their dissatisfaction with you. Respond quickly, they’re waiting.

Consumer intelligence is all about analyzing data to get inside your customers’ heads. To understand them. This will help you make better business decisions about how, when, where, and what to sell them.

Tailor your marketing campaigns to increase your profitability.

Consumers no longer judge a brand purely on price. The purchasing experience is now the dominating decider.

You have to meet, no, surpass customer expectations.

Consumers drop data online that can be collected and analyzed. This data will give you a greater understanding of their behaviour and preferences, aspirations and choices. Brands that understand consumer analytics will remain relevant to their customers. Gaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

AI-powered digital customer intelligence tools analyze consumer data. Identifying patterns and trends so you can anticipate a consumer’s next step. What they want, what they need.

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