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Improve your online presence with KI Social

Building an online presence starts by working on your content, reputation, image and connection with your customers. In order to maintain the presence already created, you need to analyze your audienc

Improving Marketing Strategies In 2020

For Improving Marketing Strategies In 2020 you need to know where to start The key to a successful marketing plan is updated strategies so here’s few tips on improving marketing strategies in 20

Digital Marketing: What, Why and How.

Digital marketing can be a bit overwhelming at first. So many parts of it and so many things to take care of – SEO, social media, content, emailing… the list goes on. What tools should you

Social Media Marketing Using Big Data

Big Data’s link to social media marketing Social media marketing has reached a new level with the emergence of big data. Social media has become an integral part of people‚Äôs daily routine as t