How Ki Social using Big Data affects social networks

With the Internet development in Big Data, marketing techniques have changed and social media marketing is not an exception.

In this context, social media marketers have started exploring Big Data to understand what customers like and share, planning their social media campaigns accordingly.

KI Social uses Big Data, so in this post, we want to describe the positive impact of Big Data on social networks, including:

Faster decisions

With the analysis of Big Data, marketers can identify the latest trends in the social media sector and take better and quicker decisions accordingly.


Through the examination of big data, marketers can approach their customers in a more personalized way based on their desires. In this context, they can create personalized ads that consider what users love and then share them on social media.

Product Insights

Big data can help marketers to understand future trends and consumers’ behaviors, so they can develop social posts that might exceed customer expectations.

Effective social media campaign evaluation

With the analysis of big data, marketers can track the effectiveness of their social media campaigns before, during, and after their launch.

Plan future events

Through the study of big data, marketers can understand what worked in the past and didn’t, so they can decide how to plan their future campaigns. Through big data analysis, marketers better understand their online communities and predict their behaviors so they can deliver personalized services as well as quickly solve any issue.

Social Media Strategies and Big Data

Big data has made marketing analytics more about future predictions and the effects of the current strategies in the future.

Not only can the marketers predict the behavior of consumers, but they can also use the conclusions from their data analysis in various other indirect marketing methods, like split testing.

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