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Social Media Marketing Using Big Data

Big Data’s link to social media marketing Social media marketing has reached a new level with the emergence of big data. Social media has become an integral part of people’s daily routine as t


What is Insights and why is Facebook Insights important? Facebook Insights are given to you through Insights by KI Social. Insights is a business tool that gives you information about your followers a

Social Media Analytics

Get to know a brand’s customers based on what they write on social media so you can serve them better. That’s why the latest KI SOCIAL for Social Media analytics capabilities are here to m

Twitter Report

Twitter Report and Comparison Chart helps you grow on Twitter to reach a bigger audience and improve your connection with customers to outgrow your competitors.  Twitter Report Where to find 

Geography Visualization: Heat Map and Interactive Map

Geography visualization with KI Social has advanced geo-location capabilities that allows the user to trace content back to the posting location. In addition, it visually makes users see how posts in

How To Track Social Mentions

Your guide to making social work for you If you’re an SMB, or work in a small team, chances are you don’t have the resources or time to find and use your social mentions. But, tracking social ment