Author / Janis Ochoa

There is a new technology

There is a new technology on the horizon that could accentuate this change: 5G. Although it has already begun to be implemented, during 2021 it will take full force, and there will be many changes in

Email marketing

Email marketing will also adapt to the demands and preferences of users with greater interactivity. Visit #socialmediamarketing #digitalmarketing

Companies are increasingly

Companies are increasingly using technology to make real-time decisions regarding the ad they want to deliver to customers. Visit #socialmediamarketing #digitalmarketing

The advertiser chooses

The advertiser chooses the audience they want to target, taking into account multiple details of their profile: tastes, demographics, connections, etc. Visit #socialmediamarketing #

Automated marketing

Automated marketing systems can register significant growth. Visit #socialmediamarketing #digitalmarketing

Personalize marketing

Personalize marketing and sales actions and work on the empathy and trust of the brand towards potential customers. Visit #socialmediamarketing #digitalmarketing

It will be increasingly important

It will be increasingly important to reduce the number of campaigns and compact to have more aggregated data. Visit #socialmediamarketing #digitalmarketing

It is necessary to be aware

It is necessary to be aware of all the trends and original ideas that emerge if you want to be a leader in the network. Visit #socialmediamarketing #digitalmarketing

KI Social correctly interprets

KI Social correctly interprets these new signals of intent, which represents a great opportunity for the brand to connect with new consumers and increase sales volume. Visit #social